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Becoming an artist has been a long and slow process, with my creative journey starting in childhood.  In our backyard, in France where I grew up, I would spend afternoons making elaborate dresses and headpieces with the garden leaves and flowers. At the time, this was simply called “play”; but that first creative impulse redefined and manifested itself when I started an alternative wear clothing line called “Chains Addiction”. I designed and hand-made unique items using metal supplies, mesh, rings and hooks, that I sold to individual and selected stores.  




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Upon moving to Miami to pursue my design work, I came across the visual art world when I rented a room from a print dealer. Through the artworks  my landlord was selling - Warhol,  Lichtenstein, Mimmo Rotella, etc -, I became familiar with and acquired  knowledge about Art and the love for it.  A few years later, I stopped my design work and began curating exhibits, first in unorthodox venues, bars, restaurants, furniture stores, then. finally  my ‘own space’, in a free standing converted garage adjacent to my house.  This unique and creative project soon became popular among other leading galleries in the Miami art community. I represented a tight roster of artists, including Jen Stark, Robert Huff, Shoshanna Weinberger, KUHL & LEYTON, David Rohn, Jorge Pantoja….some of them have now attained national recognition.  

And as life has a way to direct us to whenever is necessary, a recent period of upheaval prompted me to close the gallery and to refocus on my own creative work. I resumed writing and photography and began a new chapter dedicated to exploring and further developing my creative potential.

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